Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Based on one of the best books of Harry Potter series, the film adaptation of 'Harry Potter and the Goblet' had a lot to live up. The joy of finding a godfather was not fulfilled, Harry Potter had to return to Hogwarts and face new challenges. Fourth year for Harry Potter will be an exciting new experience as he witnesses the Triwizard Tournament between academies this year hosting Hogwarts. Ironically, due to some confusion, Harry's name was given to the Goblet of Fire -  selection tool of choice for the best contestant to compete in. Have ever suspected that a selfish, just accepting to join, Harry at this moment only has Hermione on the encouragement and find out methods for his safe return. In addition to Hogwarts, there are also two academies, the Beauxbatons, whose beautiful women are beautiful and Durmstrang, where elite are trained. Candidates: Durmstrang's Viktor Krum, Beauxbatons's Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter of Hogwarts, have gone through three parts: taking dragon’s egg, rescuing relatives and escaping the maze. Thanks to his talent and courage, Harry in the final round without knowing it was a trap for him to confront Voldemort. However, it can not be denied that this school year was totally unimpressed with Harry when he started being love at first sight and fell in love with his beautiful girlfriend Cho Chang.

Genres: Family, Adventure, Fantasy

Directors: Mike Newell

Country: United States

Duration: 157 min

Quality: 1080p

Release: 2005

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